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PC Magazine Review


RtvReco got a mention in the 23rd January 1996 edition of PC Magazine, in the "First Looks" section. The text of the article, plus the screen shot shown in the magazine, is given below. You can also find this article on the PC Magazine web site, by clicking here.

Screen Shot

PC Magazine Review Picture

Text of the Article

"Automation Windows 95: RtvReco is a utility that is sort of like having an octopus to assist you at the keyboard. RtvReco automatically pushes buttons, runs batch files, or performs other actions when specified dialog boxes appear on-screen. RTV Software's freeware program comes configured to push the Reconnect button when Windows 95 tells you that you've lost a dial-in connection. RtvReco installs in the taskbar tray, but once there can make itself invisible."


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